Sunday, March 31, 2013

Henrico 5K 2013

This is a well-kept secret in Richmond I guess, because it’s not the most crowded event, but it’s a great 5K stop.  I like the area, even though the course has a long incline for the last mile and a half. Challenge is good right? I didn't like it so much in 2012…I gave up and walked about the last high mile, but that gave me a reason to come back and redeem myself.  2012 the incline got the best of me; I finished in 34:54. 

I had never trained in 2012, just my usual walk/runs that involved very short bursts of running. I did it just to see where I was at. I wondered if I could run for 3.1 miles without stopping? The answer was no…which started the wheels turning in my mind. So, yes I ran a race before I ever decided to run and failure to be able to complete was my motivation to conquer this problem.

Cutest couple award for sure

In 2012 I went alone. This year I had friends with me. Everything is better with friends (Chris & Kasey above).

Somewhere during that last half mile I felt defeated in 2012. Was the problem more body or mind? It was my mind…I am learning that staying in motion is more about my brain than my legs (unless there’s pain). I thought I needed a break…time to retrain my thinking. Breaks not allowed!

I practiced running up a lot of hills about a month before this race trying to make my brain understand I can do it!

March 30th; it’s a clear and cool day outside; a perfect day to run. The beginning of this event is a little intense you are in one large group and booooom time to go! I started out sprinting; I swear it took a half mile to get my breathing under control and into a good comfortable rhythm. By then, the pack has thinned out and I was able to run my own race. Beautiful scenery, a large pond, well kept greens; I had to remind myself I wasn't just out enjoying the flowers. At the half way mark they turn you and back you go up the long stretch you just ran…it’s an incline and then a turn at Wawa. This is the spot I “lost” it last year. I had been jogging, got to the last hill before the Wawa…my mind won out, and once I started walking it was hard to get back to a trot…but not this year! 

Chris had left me and Kasey in his dust (Go Chris!) but having someone to run with made all the difference. I have (had) “hill phobia”, but I was determined I would make it and didn't want to discourage Kasey (by stopping & walking) so motivation of being with a friend and a little training carried me over that hump.

As I approached the clock at the end I realized I was just going to make it in less (just barely lol) than 30 minutes. Big smiles! It’s a surge of excitement and satisfaction to realize you have accomplished what you set out to do. 

After the race, Chris decided (luckily) we should hang around for the awards… and …shockingly, I got one! My finish 29:52!
couldn't believe it when they called my name! 
This overweight, 45-49 year old won 3rd in my age group. Such a nice medal too…I’ll take it!
I was happy with my finish, but I still wish I could have found a little more power and trucked up that incline a little quicker…maybe next year!

Somewhere inside of me I always want a little more. Some days my body feels on board with that and some days it doesn't.

Lessons learned during this event-never run again without my IPOD (I love music) and my IPOD never fails me. I had an old phone with a running app and music, it froze up very soon after we took off. Dealing with frustrations during a race isn't what you want! I have since acquired a Garmin Forerunner and this is the greatest thing ever (I am a stats nerd)! I put my IPOD in my running belt and my watch on and I am ready to go!