Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 2013 Crossover Challenge 15K

I did it! 15K

Finish Line

I am still not sure what my official time is as I write this, but I didn't have a time goal for this event. Looking at this clock shot I feel pretty good about it! That last mile was a long one! I kept thinking, "Shouldn't I be there by now??" It's easy to see in this picture how the field was pretty spread out. In fact, we got so spread out I thought I was the absolute rear of the pack. I had two runners who stayed about 1/4 mile ahead of me and that was it most of the race.

After I crossed the line several more people did come in so I wasn't the last! Mile 8 I slowed my pace a bit to "rest". Mile 7 was a 9:39 pace and I was starting to feel it. I dropped to a straight 10:00 pace, but I kept picturing everyone waiting to go home (because I thought I was last), so I trucked on. I had never run 9 miles before today. I've done 8 a few times, so when I say that last mile seemed long, I mean real long!

I am in the very back, near another person in orange, but you can see my pink visor. 

We started in a big pack and I was at the rear. My hubby videoed the start of the race, which is really cool and I can see where I hit the timer on my Garmin.  Roughly a half mile in, my Garmin beeped into power saver mode, which has never happened to me on a run. I tried to bring it back up so I could see my pace and nothing happened. It took a mile before I realized my Garmin wasn't on. I have 8:48 miles of stats.  I was pleasantly surprised I could hold my pace pretty steady. I am pretty sure if I had to go one more mile it would have been a slower one! lol

I drank a lot (water of course) two days before this event, and rested from running those days and it worked again for me. I felt really great most of the run. My only discomfort was the ball of my left foot felt a little tingly on the last mile. As I sit here writing, my knees are feeling pretty good and the only real stiffness is on my left hip bone. I wish I could figure out what's causing that! I can't understand how my right hip feels great and the left doesn't.

I was using this 15K to make a decision about trying the half. I have plenty of time before the Richmond half, so no urgency, I am still undecided. I think I can make it, but I guess I will keep training and see how it goes. My plan is to do another 9 miler next weekend.

Today it was about 50 degrees at 8 a.m. at the start line, so it was pretty nippy, but so perfect to run in! The sun wasn't shining, it's just a gray sort of day, so all that time putting sunscreen on my gingerly skin was a waste of time I guess lol, but I am glad it was so cool out.

I felt really nervous a few minutes before it started. During the first mile, I had the Garmin snafu, and mile two I was near a man doing walk/run intervals. Sometimes seeing someone walking throws me a little, but I finally lost him so that was good. Mile three I was running my own race. Everyone was so thinned out, I could only see a few runners about 1/4 mile ahead, one had a blue shirt on, and I followed the blue shirt to the finish line.

Today I learned it's okay to push it. I can slow my pace and rest if need be. During the 10k last month I was afraid if I went too hard I would tire and not be able to make it. I finally feel strong enough to say I won't just give up and walk. I can find it in me to keep on, keeping on! I am not saying I won't ever give up and walk if I feel bad, but when I need a little extra I can talk my way through it now.

I am so glad my hubby drove me and did video at the beginning. Pretty cool! It was a great event and I would love to do it again. Races are great! I love having a pre-planned course, my own lane to run in, water along the way, and nice people handing me bananas at the end. Seriously, could exercise be any better!

This was about mile 3. See blue shirt up ahead!

Getting ready to go!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pre-race Nerves

Wednesday and no nerves leading up the race…hmmph, guess it’s from lack of sleep the past two nights. That’s odd, maybe it’ll hit tomorrow. The week leading up to the 10K I felt nervous all week. I just couldn't wait for it to get here! I was even worse about the 5K, because I kept thinking about going uphill at the end. LoL I am going to the gym tonight; Thursday I will have a group class with hopefully a fair amount of upper body work and Friday complete rest.  Just waiting for the pre-race jitters to show up.