Sunday, June 2, 2013

Run Like a Girl 4 Miler

June 2, 2013 according to my stats 77 degrees. Well maybe that was the temp when we should have started at 9:00 a.m., but the race started 25 minutes late. After the race when I got to my car it was 89 and it felt like it was 100 degrees. I jokingly said I was going to title this blog. The Day I Quit Running

Running in the heat isn't for me, but a race event always causes me to find the motivation to push through. I did keep running today, even if it was slow! I felt like a snail a few times, I had to almost jog in place to recover from a few hills. There was lots of walking around me, but I was afraid if I stopped I wouldn't start again. 

Pre-race I was ready to burn some calories. I had to arrive early to pick up my bib. My old age is catching up to me. Race packet pick up was Sat. and 5 minutes from my house, but somehow even with a reminder on my IPOD I forgot! I guess it's a good thing I got there early, traffic and parking was a bear. I think they said it ended up being about 2000 women for today's trail run. 
Smiling because I wasn't sweating yet
I love running clothes~wish I could go to work like this everyday! 


I found out I was in wave B when I picked up my bib, so I was excited thinking I would get done early. I had this lofty thought after I ran the race I would get some water recover a few minutes and head to other side of the park to walk or run a few more miles. Ha! Didn't happen. The race did start 25 minutes late for unexplained reasons and that increased the heat index and zapped some motivation. On a positive note, I was near some very nice women while we were waiting and I got to hear their stories of half marathon runs, Disney run (sounds awesome), and various other tales. Runners are nice peeps :)

I did my usual two full days of rest before this event. I always feel so good after two days off, usually it gives me a boost to go a little faster because I feel so refreshed. I wasn't any faster but that's okay. I am happy just to burn some calories. The trail this race was held on is a place I run regularly. It was strange today because i usually pass just a few horses and thousands. My pace tends to be a lot slower on trails but my goal for trails is just getting the distance done and staying out of the sun. I always experience a lot less muscle soreness when I run trails, which I find funny because I feel like I work harder. This trail is moderately hilly. It's hillier than any pavement course I have ever done.

disclaimer...this paragraph not about the race
I haven't blogged about my hip pain yet because honestly I was trying to ignore it. Sadly, my left hip is giving me a fit and making me question how many more races I will be able to do. I did have an x ray this week and found out late Friday ( odd call after 6 ) that I do not have stress fracture. I was really beginning to think that was the issue. When I lean or turn a certain way I get a sharp pain. Sometimes it feels like muscle soreness. When the pain originally appeared it was a burning sensation in a different place...I don't know what to think. After talking to the doctor I am rather bummed. At least if it was a fracture, I could have rested, let it heal and moved on. She seemed to think this is worse, I have to keep trying different things now to try to eliminate the problem. It's wide open now...muscle tear, bad joint, weak IT band, arthritis, bursitis, all of which don't just "heal up". I have done around the clock ibuprofen for almost two weeks prior to the x ray, and now I am taking prednisone. I am not seeing any great improvement. I will keep at it. It's a challenge to run with pain and I just want it to go away!

Back to the event...time to go! Finally when we heard the buzzer (25 min. late) I was ready! I took off and decided to not look at my watch until I heard my first mile beep. The first mile of the trail is the flattest, so I knew it was my best chance to cut a little time off my overall. Mile two there is a pretty steep incline and a turn, I still felt pretty good. Mile three is pretty hilly. That was also the only place a water stop was set up. I needed water at this point but when I tried to get it down I couldn't. So swish and spit- yuck! I was feeling extremely hot at this point. A lot of the trail is pretty shady, there are just a few spots where the full sun zaps you. Those few spots were enough though. The top of my head just feels like it's being held to fire once I get overheated. I was feeling challenged mile three, but i pushed on. My breathing was a little rough, I knew this because a girl started yelling encouragement to me when we hit a hill. I guess it was obvious I was struggling a little. I laughed to myself  because I looked at my pace and it was about 10:44. It felt like a 9:00 minute mile! It's always good to find humor when you feel bad :) For the final stretch another nice uphill spot on the trail. Dang hills! I was slow going up and went into snail mode so I wouldn't stop. I kept talking to myself, telling myself how many times I had successfully run the whole trail and I didn't need a walk, but my brain wasn't listening. It was thinking walk, WALK, just walk...I don't usually do that, but that's what heat does to do me.

The final turn I could hear the buzz at the finish line and that was what I needed to to keep going. I finished running and was surprised to see Kenny :) He came to see me finish. Thanks hon xoxo. What he saw was me super red faced, looking ready to drop and needing water. We walked it out to get water and took my final picture. My sweaty nasty picture :)

Run Like a Girl 

I loved this event even though I was hot! Got to love an all girl run! Oh, and I got a cute charm, so yep that makes it all worthwhile. I didn't hang around for awards because I was pretty certain I was in the thank goodness I finished group! 
It's all good, I ran fairly happy and thank goodness this was just 4.1 miles lol!

I don't have my official time yet, but my Garmin says it was 42:27.

12Karen BayneMidlothian29946

 So 42:33 officially 
What did I learn from this run? I really miss winter!