Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick Thoughts Before Bed

Tonight's  run was full of interesting challenges. Of course some of it was my own doing, but I guess every day can't be perfect. 

Let's begin with last night. I had a good uneventful run after work and went to bed. Last night I dreamed like crazy, I also got up in the middle of the night all stuffy and miserable and had to take medicine. I woke up with a splitting headache and exhausted from my dreams. My dreams seemed very real ,were very intense, and didn't have a happy ending. I wonder if cold medicine gives you crazy dreams?

So off to work I go not feeling very well, which made me not eat much all day. Mostly just watermelon all day because I think the cold medicine makes me feel dried out. I planned to go out and get lunch this afternoon and couldn't because we had some folks come in unexpected. When I could have finally gone to eat it was 4:00 and I get off at 5:00. 

So I arrive at Martin's salad bar pretty hungry. By the time I was home and had gobbled my salad it was about 6:20 and the plan was to run at 7:00 p.m. with Kasey.

We started out pretty well, but my tummy starting gurgling a few miles in and then the bloating started and the nausea! Ugh!! I hate feeling bad on a run. I made it to the 45 minutes I was supposed to put in per my training guide, but that was 4.40 miles. Kasey made to 4.5 miles, I just couldn't make another tenth. I hate stopping at odd distances, but today my bloated belly said stop. Then of course it rained on us on the way home. When it pours! I am still glad I got my run in though. I actually felt cold I was so wet! It has been a long time since I could say that.

So tonight I learned: only eat a little bit no matter how hungry you feel if you are going to run. I hope I remember this in the future. 

And I have to share a picture of my birthday gift from Kasey. My new super cute running belt. I love it!

From Hippierunner- it's so cute

We got rained on and all my makeup was running down my face lol and for the first time in along time I felt cold after I ran!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I am starting to embrace running intervals. I tried to do these outside and trying to clock watch (actually watch watch) is tooo much while trying to not miss a dip in the sidewalk, etc. I decided intervals needed to be a treadmill activity.  My training guide called for 2 min. x 7 with a 1 min. recovery run in between. I totally stuck to the plan today at gym and it was rather enjoyable. It's easy to bump up pace and stay right on to the minute. First threshold I tried 6.4 (9:46 pace) which was a bit to slow, so I used 6.6 (9:29 pace) for the rest and a 5.8 (10:47 pace) recovery. I ran out to 30 minutes at 6.7 (9:20 pace) so I think I will start with that pace the next time I tackle intervals. It's a challenge trying to figure out what threshold is. I can go faster, but I wanted to do the same pace and be able to sustain it.

Next round of intervals is 3 min. x 5 with a 90 second recovery run. I will try to tackle the 9:20 pace and see how it goes!

My goal is really not to run faster, just be a stronger runner. 

I would love to hear about your interval experiences as well.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Break in the Temperature 10K

Update : How did I do that?! I am going to write it off as old lady brain. A 10K is 6.2 miles but for some reason it j-u-s-t popped into my mind I was .10 of a mile no PR today. So guess what, next break in the weather I have a goal to work on! I am leaving the post here I guess.

Original Post: 
This morning I decided I didn't need to run with bats, but I still got out pretty early. According to my training guide I was supposed to do intervals.  I have discovered, for me, that it's just easier on the treadmill to do timed intervals so I decided about an hour run would be the goal. The temperature was 67 degrees when I left home, it was humid but still more manageable at that temp than what I've been dealing with the past month. I didn't feel like I was having that great of a run, but I realized at mile five I would be close to my PR from the Monument Ave 10K 1:01:40. Soooo, that gets my wheels turning and I ran a fast last mile and I got it! I know it's only 4 seconds but after the past few months and some really discouraging runs this is a much needed confidence boost. Sadly today it seems the humidity is creeping back, but at least this gives me hope in the fall I will have a more enjoyable experience running again.
My goal for the 10K this year is an hour...or less (smiles)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

PR-What a way to Wrap Up the Week

Thursday is my Friday in the summer. I work four ten hour days so leaving on Thursday is always a happy time.  Today when I walked out of work I was pleasantly surprised that the suffocating humidity was finally taking a break! It was 81 degrees which feels so much better when humidity isn't 96%. So of course on my ride home I am thinking I need to run to enjoy this. Since I just ran 8 yesterday I figured 3 or 4 would be just about right. 
I ate and set out about 45 min. after digesting and thought maybe I should do 5 easy miles and just enjoy this. However, sometime after mile 2, my first peek at my Garmin, revealed my pace was better than I thought. Love that! I thought I really need to push my self and see if I can PR today. I have struggled in the heat so much I just wanted to see a decent time...
There it is! It's just seconds better than my fastest street 5K, but I'll take it.

I was pushing the last mile and I was getting a little cramp, but it's so much easier to think and breathe when you aren't suffocating from humidity! Go figure, right. 
I guess I could have set a new lap and ran for a few more miles, but nah! A quick walk with a few sprints home. 
9:49, 9:34, 9:08 happy dance 9:08 is a PR mile for me.
You know that just makes me want to go do it again!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Running with Bats

Yep, that's right I went running with bats. I won't say exactly how early, but it was before the birds chirp!