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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Danville Half Marathon

D stands for Danville as well as disaster. That sums it up, but I'll fill in a few painful details.

First, there's the latest heat wave in VA. I am so over it! Arrrggghhh...I had high hopes when the wonderful Fall air hit a few weeks ago, but I should have known, karma seems to be trying to pay me back for something awful I did and gifted me with an 89 degree day with 88% humidity.

Second, the late start time at 9:00 a.m. made most of the running in full sun. If they had started earlier it would have been a lot more enjoyable.
  • I never run that time of day. The course had very little shade; strike one.
  • I have been sick with a lot of stuffiness and a sore throat for a few weeks now. Even after antibiotics I still don't feel 100%; strike two.
  • The past few weeks I have felt overly irritable and very warmmmm..I've had an unusual amount of headaches which I think are hormone issues or really lack of hormones; strike three.
 So I left the house and tried to be optimistic, tried to ignore how dang hot it was, and tried to be in denial that the odds for a good day were stacked against me. I only exercised one time this week trying to rest and hoped the fatigue I've been dealing with would go away. I tried to focus on the fact that I needed a good calorie burn and I was going to get one.  

Fast forward to mile three I considered just leaving. I was getting nauseous and having flashbacks of summer running. My summer runs were enough to cause post traumatic stress disorder. Mile four I talked myself into finishing even if it was super slow. Mile five I started walking trying to cope. Mile nine my left foot started burning and I considered leaving again. Mile ten I realized there were no port of potties on the course...geesh 13 miles is along time and I had to find somewhere to duck and go. That took four minutes because I had to wait until no one was passing....really!? only port of potties were at the start finish area. Lastly, for all miles listed above my legs felt like I had lead weights in my shoes, which really disappointed me since I had rested so much.

When I finally got to the end I could not wait to get out of there and shower. I didn't even ask anyone to take a picture. I did speak briefly to one girl in the parking lot and she said she wasn't feeling well, she was having a hard time with the heat. I also spoke to an older man who was parked near me who had run a lot of half marathons. He said this was the slowest one he had ever completed, he had to walk a lot at the end. Someone else heard him and commented this was their worst race ever. I suppose that should make me feel better, but it doesn't.

It was a two hour drive home. I had lots of time to think about how bad I sucked. I think I may retire from doing races. Races are only fun when you have a great one.
Open road - cruise control :)

On a positive note - driving west in the state means very little traffic and cruise control rocks when your legs are too tired to push the pedals and it saves lots of gas.
I have gas left over :)

Side note: I did drive to Danville to stay the night so I could sleep in. The hotel screwed up the reservation so I didn't have to pay for the room, however my room was facing a patio to a pub that was about 3 ft. away. There was a live band playing and it was a loud! I took two Benadryl and went to bed. I did have a place to shower after the race and it was free. Would it go smoothly though, of course not. The room key didn't work when I came back all yucky. All I could think about was soap and shampoo and the swipe key wouldn't work. I ran to the office and the guy swiped a new one and that didn't work, so I had to keep running back and forth until the desk guy finally let me in. How much can I complain though, it was free.

The race bags they gave out were a cute Halloween theme. The medal is not really a medal, it's a square.

Overall 2:36:00   avg. pace 12 min. a mile. That's a big fall from 2:13:03 Thank goodness I have that time. I actually considered not crossing the finish line so that time wouldn't be recorded forever, but I resisted the temptation. That's the best I could do and that's the time I have to live with.  
Cats were happy to see my suitcase. I don't think they cared I was gone.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feels Like 94*

I wanted to try to get 45 min. in tonight but with the shorter days and extreme heat (just go away already) it wasn't going to work out. I waited until as late as I could. It was still really hot; my Garmin stated feels like 94* and it really did. Truthfully, it just put me in a bad mood...isn't running supposed to release good endorphins? I have no tolerance for this latest heat wave.

Running a 5K tonight was worse than 13 this past weekend. I can tell quite a difference running on trail verses pavement. I am already aching in my left hip from tonight's run. I really do need to get back to my trail training. I realized this weekend what an impact changing surfaces has for me. Most of my runs in August were on pavement just because in summer the bugs are worse on the trail and it's just easier to walk out the front door instead of driving to the trails, but I am going to have to get back to going a few times a week.

I did receive my finisher photo tonight from my half marathon. I guess your first half picture doesn't have to be a glamour shot and this surely isn't, but I did feel pretty elated at this moment. Yep, it actually happened.
High Bridge Trail Half

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Morning After

Observations after my first half
  • I can feel a tightness in my rear and hamstrings I normally don't feel after I run. Not sure if adding the extra miles or not being able to get down on the ground and stretch right after the race is causing it.
I did walk and stretch for 15 min. before I got in the car to drive home. I had intended to bring my yoga mat and stretch yesterday and ended up forgetting my mat. I was so nervous in the morning before the event I couldn't really think straight.
  • I did develop a terrible headache about 4 in the afternoon yesterday and I was feeling unusually tired so all I could do was take a nap. After an hour nap I woke up feeling fine.
  • Today I woke up and my body feels like I worked out hard. I don't hurt anywhere but my muscles do feel tight and I feel like I need a day to recover.
  • I ran in a new pair of Brooks Ghost for the race. I broke the shoes in running a half in them and I have to say my feet feel really good this morning.
  • I realized today I forgot to put a little water under my heart rate monitor to make a good connection, so I don't think my Garmin was ticking quite right until I ran and started to sweat a little. That would explain my time being off the first mile. I knew it was fast but more in the 8 minute range makes sense. I keep saying I was nervous, but I really was just barely functioning. My mind was in overdrive so I guess it's a miracle I made it to the start finish line dressed with my headphones, IPOD, sport beans, etc...
  • Lastly, that's a long way to run. Trying to run that far on my own is going to be a challenge unless I find a hydration belt that doesn't drive me crazy when I run. I drank two cups of Gatorade and water when I stopped at mile 12 yesterday. I had been taking a little water along the way but I reached a level of thirsty I don't usually feel, so I knew I couldn't deny my body what it needed.
Overall it was a great experience and I feel like I was prepared strength wise even though I had never actually ran that much distance before. Do I feel confident now about doing it again? It took so many factors to make a successful race for me I will probably still be all knotted up my next attempt at a half.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My First Half Picture

My official time is 2:13:03              average pace 10:10

I'll take that!


My First Half Recap

I woke up today drove to Farmville and ran my first half marathon. My longest distance before today was 9.75 miles. I was a bundle of nerves on the way west. I was afraid I would end up walking at some point and I started telling myself, "I feel great and I can run it".  I got to the start line about 10 minutes before the start and crowd was probably under 200 people. I knew we would spread out and I was hopeful I could find someone to pace myself with. I realized about 2 minutes before go time I forgot to lock satellites on my Garmin. I was still extremely anxious and nervous. The clock started before I had set my Garmin and I hung back and I think I was about the last person to go.

The pack started out pretty quick and I just went with it till I carved out my own little space. I started talking with a runner and he helped me to pass the first several miles at a PR 10k pace (for me). I like being challenged and I really think my time would have been significantly slower if he hadn't ran with me (thanks Todd!). About a mile before the turn around point I started talking with a lady that was tri training. I am not usually a talker when I run but talking made those miles fly by and really distracted me from concentrating on my overwhelming nervous sensation.

It was good to know at the turn point it would be a shorter run back. I was feeling pretty perky, and I was happy I had paced record time (for me) up to that point. I knew I needed to back it down and I felt relaxed about an "easy pace" back. Participants were pretty spread out at this point and I was on my own for motivation.

Official time - 2:13:03
I didn't feel any real fatigue until somewhere between miles 10 and 11 and that was first time I felt really thirsty.

Mile 12, I stopped and drank two cups of Gatorade. I just couldn't get enough down while still moving and I needed a restroom break which resulted in the 11:58 mi.

The last mile did feel really long! I really couldn't have picked up my pace if I wanted to. I am glad I ran it "backward" - faster at the start. It made me feel more confident when I did back it down and it really helped my time. 

I did take sport beans and ate the bag along the way. Perfect energy snack from JellyBelly.

Today the cool temperature, the drop in humidity, friendly runners, and shady trail helped to make my first half a great memory.

This is a really bright orange.

My medal (smiles)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Do You hear Cheering?

I had dreams back in May then it got positively sizzling hot

I ran a 15K in May and thought it's not that much farther to run a half. "Keep training and go for it - run a half marathon in August!" I was so excited, but by July I had to wave the white flag and accept that wasn't going to happen. The heat, humidity, and sun were tough on me this summer. I even took a break from exercising last week because I felt exhausted, but I know it won't last forever and the idea..."Run a a half," swirls around in my head all the time. 
Summer running miles:
June- 70 miles 
July- 88 miles 
August- 72 miles 
Very few of the above mentioned miles were easy and smooth. The numbers look okay, but I remember how they felt. LOL
I welcome cooler temperatures with arms wide open. If you hear cheering it's probably just me the first 60 degree day of Fall.

Is is December yet?

I like having a race goal.  I like running longer distances and the sense of accomplishment when I am done and I like the calorie burn. I like feeling stronger. What drives you to run?