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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trail Day

The weather today is fabbbbbulous. Cool breezes, and low humidity. I left the house and headed to my favorite trail. I even got to sleep in because finally I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to try to survive and avoid strong sun and heat. I am not sure why but I put on my Brooks Ghost instead of my trail shoes today. The shoes are super comfy, but I really needed my trail shoes. Mental note - my shoes are not going to make me faster on trails, in fact I think these made me slower. My Brooks don't have quite the grip as my Montrails.

I took off for my first long run since my half. It felt so amazing not to be experiencing heat stroke like symptoms. I just tried to enjoy the run and I didn't check my Garmin for pace the whole run. I knew it was slow, but I tried not to let it bug me. I haven't been on this trail in almost two months. The hills were kicking my rear! No power running up the hills today, just trudging along at snail speed. I am going to have to work back up to powering the hills.

Today toward the end of my run I wondered how in the heck I ever lasted 13.1 miles. I tried to briefly talk myself into another 2 miles when I was nearing completion but my mental strength wasn't there today. I didn't really feel bad, but I couldn't find any reason to keep going either. I think I need to sign for another half and do it again. I need that extra motivation to push that far.

The good part of trail running is 8.6 miles and my hip isn't aching and I don't feel any soreness in my knees. I have to learn to enjoy a sense of accomplishment that isn't attached to fast splits.

10:05, 10:18, 10:34,10:56,12:13,11:31,10:24,12:31,10:39
1:35:06 avg. 11:03

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trail Run

I decided to go to the park and trail run this morning. Skimming my training calendar revealed all my July runs were street or treadmill runs. No wonder my knees felt crabby after my last run! I usually mix it up better than that. 

The tree cover on the trails is pleasant and keeps me from getting up at the crack of dawn. The hilly trails force me to follow my training guides "easy pace" "no target" directions.  

I took easy pace to a whole new level this morning. 9.75 miles with an average pace of 11:40. It took an hour and 54 minutes. Miles and time were really odd stopping points for me today but my willpower was ebbing.
The park in Dec. 

My fastest mile 10:23 and my slowest 12:51 lol That's almost like dawdling! I actually knew I was running this slow and was telling myself to put a little zest in my step, but I swear someone slipped lead weights in place of my insoles today. I never really felt overly thirsty or even over heated; I just couldn't find any energy in reserve. I had been feeling under the weather this week and took three rest days so I was anticipating feeling totally energetic. Ha! I try to finish my runs on a strong pace, but that little pick me up didn't happen today. Accomplishing something and feeling it was just a lackadaisical effort makes me want to go back and do it again! 

This is my longest distance to date and yes it would have been nice to just round it out at ten miles, but by 9.6 miles I was running by my car and the water was inside! I had a hard time going by a few times just to get to 9.75 miles. I just couldn't make myself run the parking lot to get to ten. Sitting on sofa now that seems silly, but at the time I was just ready to stop and stretch! 

Maybe next time I'll make it to ten-the pesky training guide says I am supposed to do it again next week. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Break in the Temperature 10K

Update : How did I do that?! I am going to write it off as old lady brain. A 10K is 6.2 miles but for some reason it j-u-s-t popped into my mind I was .10 of a mile no PR today. So guess what, next break in the weather I have a goal to work on! I am leaving the post here I guess.

Original Post: 
This morning I decided I didn't need to run with bats, but I still got out pretty early. According to my training guide I was supposed to do intervals.  I have discovered, for me, that it's just easier on the treadmill to do timed intervals so I decided about an hour run would be the goal. The temperature was 67 degrees when I left home, it was humid but still more manageable at that temp than what I've been dealing with the past month. I didn't feel like I was having that great of a run, but I realized at mile five I would be close to my PR from the Monument Ave 10K 1:01:40. Soooo, that gets my wheels turning and I ran a fast last mile and I got it! I know it's only 4 seconds but after the past few months and some really discouraging runs this is a much needed confidence boost. Sadly today it seems the humidity is creeping back, but at least this gives me hope in the fall I will have a more enjoyable experience running again.
My goal for the 10K this year is an hour...or less (smiles)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Running with Bats

Yep, that's right I went running with bats. I won't say exactly how early, but it was before the birds chirp!