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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Days are Go Days

When I run alone I often just scoot out with a loose plan and readjust the plan as needed. The heat has caused me to function like GPS.  I leave the house with a route in mind and recalculate when I feel off  (based on how well my body is tolerating the humidity). 

There was a break in the humidity today so no excuse, just go run.

I thought easy pace and maybe I can get a decent distance in. My last long run was 9 miles on August 18th. I have run several times since but all under 4 miles. I realized shortly after taking off  I probably couldn't get more than 7 in before it was too dark so I figured I just better go hard a few miles and burn off the Milky Way (mini) and pound of Humus I ate earlier. 

When I started off  I felt fatigue in my legs and recalculated my 7 miles into a 10K. I kept trying to pace myself, but when I slowed down I felt worse, it was really exhilarating just to keep pumping hard. 

What always puzzles me is that I can't really predict how I am going to feel once I start running. I experienced a little of the "lead legs" when I took off, but by a few miles in I had a decent rhythm going and was jamming to my music. I feel good I pushed myself today. Some days just aren't meant to be an easy pace kind of day. 
 9:33, 9:35, 9:38, 10:12, 10:00, 9:52 , and .2 @1:45

This is a good time for me.  Just once though, I'd like to shave it to under an hour even if it's 59:59. It'd be a bonus if that happens at the Monument Ave. 10K this year.

I love my Brooks, for short runs they are super comfy, but I am not sure if they are the perfect long run shoe for me. 

Still on my search to find something super cushy under the ball of my foot. 

Cool air makes me think of Fall - my favorite time of the year. Oh, I am wearing my compression sleeves while I write out my thoughts. I seriously love how they feel. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Break In the Weather

This morning I "blended" in with the a training team for a half marathon with my running race buddy Kasey. What a great experience. Soooo different than trotting around here at the crack of dawn solo. I like the big pack feeling; it was like a race day.  Today's laps 10:33, 10:02, 10:09, 9:38. It felt great to run in cool air. Air that felt light and crisp verses the past few months where air is like a blanket. The break in the humidity makes for a happy attitude.

I actually ran 2.2 more miles after we came home, but it was still shy of the 90 minute run I was supposed to check off today. The temperature was still workable but it was too sunny for this ginger by the time we drove home. Next week...long run.
I have my compression sleeves on rejuvenating me.
I am addicted to Zensah

Black is not kitty cat friendly. Otto is sticking to my sleeves

Thursday, July 25, 2013

PR-What a way to Wrap Up the Week

Thursday is my Friday in the summer. I work four ten hour days so leaving on Thursday is always a happy time.  Today when I walked out of work I was pleasantly surprised that the suffocating humidity was finally taking a break! It was 81 degrees which feels so much better when humidity isn't 96%. So of course on my ride home I am thinking I need to run to enjoy this. Since I just ran 8 yesterday I figured 3 or 4 would be just about right. 
I ate and set out about 45 min. after digesting and thought maybe I should do 5 easy miles and just enjoy this. However, sometime after mile 2, my first peek at my Garmin, revealed my pace was better than I thought. Love that! I thought I really need to push my self and see if I can PR today. I have struggled in the heat so much I just wanted to see a decent time...
There it is! It's just seconds better than my fastest street 5K, but I'll take it.

I was pushing the last mile and I was getting a little cramp, but it's so much easier to think and breathe when you aren't suffocating from humidity! Go figure, right. 
I guess I could have set a new lap and ran for a few more miles, but nah! A quick walk with a few sprints home. 
9:49, 9:34, 9:08 happy dance 9:08 is a PR mile for me.
You know that just makes me want to go do it again!