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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Night Trail Run

"It's easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top."
-Henry Ward Beecher

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
-Jim Ryun

It was about 68 degrees after I ate dinner which of course is perfect running weather. I headed to my favorite trail and got a few miles of speed work in, covered the hills trying to tackle them with quick shorter strides, and even covered a mile around a huge grass field. Running grass was tough, but I enjoy changing surfaces as each provides a different challenge. I was dripping when I got through seven miles and since its rained a lot in the past week, my lower legs were packed with a thick layer of dirt. I couldn't wait for my shower.

Nothing beats a hot shower after a good run. I didn't want to get out! I am pretty sure if I don't break this habit I will have a record high water bill this winter. I can see where a hot tub would be a real benefit to a runner. My hip felt better after a steaming shower.

I uploaded my Garmin after I slipped my compression sleeves on and noticed I have a new trend happening lately. My heart rate is not spiking quite as easily as it used to. I am not sure how to feel about this. Yes, it means I am more fit and my heart is getting stronger, which is good since I am old, but the flip side; I am not burning as many calories. I am going to have to do some research about this but not now...The Voice is on!

Overall a trail run is a good way to start the week.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trail Run

Ten miles down tonight that started on the trails and ended up on pavement. It didn't matter where I ran, I was slow because it was super hilly. I am worn out from it, sitting on the sofa, and of course I must have a cat as close as he can get to me.
Otto is cramping my writing

I did run a new piece of trail and it was nice not knowing exactly what to expect. I needed a change from the normal loop I do.
  • I actually ran without my headphones. I did turn my IPOD on in my running belt and I really love having nothing on my ears!
The last few miles I left the trails and ran the road but it was rolling hilly and I struggled to keep it going. I actually popped out of the woods on a stretch that is uphill incline for about a mile. I kept telling myself it will make me stronger, but it was rough. Needless to say this wasn't my fastest run, but I did accomplish my distance goal. I am trying to not focus on my splits to gauge my success. My average pace was 10:51.

I am still undecided if I am going to attempt my second half next week, but hitting double digits helps me to feel more confident that I can do it.
I interrupted a snack

Monday, September 23, 2013

Trail Walk with a Little Running

Today when I walked out of work the cool air was to inviting to pass up. I decided to take a trail walk in an area I haven't been since last year. It felt strange to fill my camelbak and go. I love it for walking, hiking, and biking. I still haven't found the perfect hydration pack for running yet. 
When I finished the moon was out

I started off at a brisk pace and enjoyed the cool air. It didn't take long and I wanted to run some. No real plan just trotting along for the pleasure of it. Easy pace run for about a minute then walk for awhile. Running a little is okay with my pack on, but it does get irritating, so trying to wear it for even a short non stop run would probably make me crazy. Sometime during mile two my headphones started the warning bell so I knew they were going to die. Dead about ten minutes later. I didn't have anywhere to tuck them away so I wore them around my neck. I realized over the next few miles I liked the feeling of freedom with nothing on my ears. I turned my IPOD on and kept the music low. I enjoyed myself so much I think I will get brave my next run and try to just turn my IPOD on in my running belt and see how I do. I have never ran without headphones. Who knows I may love it right?

After I was on the trail for awhile I came to a turn I wasn't use to. I tried to take mental notes but you know trees and trail start to similar when the sun sets. Anyway, I took a new turn and came out of the woods in a whole new area. I realized there was another whole piece about two miles I had no idea existed. (Smiles) I think it's going to be my next run spot. It's actually not that far from the four mile loop I usually do so it will give me a change of scenery. Woot!  
In my excitement walking/jogging thinking about my new route I realized I needed to get back to my car.
The short version...
  • I made a wrong turn even though I made mental notes lol
  • It got very dark
  • My last mile I could have used a head lamp
  • Had my pepper spray in hand
  • Saw a huge buck who looked at me like, "Get out!"
  • Will plan better next time-darn short days
These are the kind of temps that make me want to be out for hours. I ended up taking a 9.20 mile walk in 2:13 my half marathon time, must be a good number for me, thinking I should buy a lottery ticket.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trail Run 15K

The weather continues to be amazing here, 70 with low humidity and a nice breeze; perfect running weather. I headed to my favorite trail and considered trying to do the four mile loop three times. That was over zealous I guess because I ended up finishing a 15K. My back up plan was 9 miles.  I want to be prepared just in case I decide to run another half in early Oct.

Since I am always slower on my hilly trail I planned to run around the loop with a decent pace first, take a water stop and do it again easy pace. I thought if I was feeling great I would consider a third loop...
So my first go was a success 9:56, 10:07, 10:33, 11:04 and a half mile in 5:42, that was a good trail time for me and it helped me to relax for my second go round.
I drank the water bottle I stashed at the mouth of the trail and went again.
10:50, 11:16, 11:13, 11:49 and I ran out and up the road to my car which was .80 in 8:27 which made a perfect 15 k distance.

I was sweating like crazy and with the sun going down I actually felt chilled. I couldn't wait to take a shower! There was no way I could of would of went again. It's really strange after all these months of suffering through heat, humidity, and nauseous symptoms, to actually feel chilled.

That's Baby (the cat)
I am happily on the sofa watching 19 Kids and Counting (what a nice family) happy I got my run done with my Zensah sleeves on.

Couldn't resist showing my polka dots

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trail Day

The weather today is fabbbbbulous. Cool breezes, and low humidity. I left the house and headed to my favorite trail. I even got to sleep in because finally I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to try to survive and avoid strong sun and heat. I am not sure why but I put on my Brooks Ghost instead of my trail shoes today. The shoes are super comfy, but I really needed my trail shoes. Mental note - my shoes are not going to make me faster on trails, in fact I think these made me slower. My Brooks don't have quite the grip as my Montrails.

I took off for my first long run since my half. It felt so amazing not to be experiencing heat stroke like symptoms. I just tried to enjoy the run and I didn't check my Garmin for pace the whole run. I knew it was slow, but I tried not to let it bug me. I haven't been on this trail in almost two months. The hills were kicking my rear! No power running up the hills today, just trudging along at snail speed. I am going to have to work back up to powering the hills.

Today toward the end of my run I wondered how in the heck I ever lasted 13.1 miles. I tried to briefly talk myself into another 2 miles when I was nearing completion but my mental strength wasn't there today. I didn't really feel bad, but I couldn't find any reason to keep going either. I think I need to sign for another half and do it again. I need that extra motivation to push that far.

The good part of trail running is 8.6 miles and my hip isn't aching and I don't feel any soreness in my knees. I have to learn to enjoy a sense of accomplishment that isn't attached to fast splits.

10:05, 10:18, 10:34,10:56,12:13,11:31,10:24,12:31,10:39
1:35:06 avg. 11:03

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My First Half Recap

I woke up today drove to Farmville and ran my first half marathon. My longest distance before today was 9.75 miles. I was a bundle of nerves on the way west. I was afraid I would end up walking at some point and I started telling myself, "I feel great and I can run it".  I got to the start line about 10 minutes before the start and crowd was probably under 200 people. I knew we would spread out and I was hopeful I could find someone to pace myself with. I realized about 2 minutes before go time I forgot to lock satellites on my Garmin. I was still extremely anxious and nervous. The clock started before I had set my Garmin and I hung back and I think I was about the last person to go.

The pack started out pretty quick and I just went with it till I carved out my own little space. I started talking with a runner and he helped me to pass the first several miles at a PR 10k pace (for me). I like being challenged and I really think my time would have been significantly slower if he hadn't ran with me (thanks Todd!). About a mile before the turn around point I started talking with a lady that was tri training. I am not usually a talker when I run but talking made those miles fly by and really distracted me from concentrating on my overwhelming nervous sensation.

It was good to know at the turn point it would be a shorter run back. I was feeling pretty perky, and I was happy I had paced record time (for me) up to that point. I knew I needed to back it down and I felt relaxed about an "easy pace" back. Participants were pretty spread out at this point and I was on my own for motivation.

Official time - 2:13:03
I didn't feel any real fatigue until somewhere between miles 10 and 11 and that was first time I felt really thirsty.

Mile 12, I stopped and drank two cups of Gatorade. I just couldn't get enough down while still moving and I needed a restroom break which resulted in the 11:58 mi.

The last mile did feel really long! I really couldn't have picked up my pace if I wanted to. I am glad I ran it "backward" - faster at the start. It made me feel more confident when I did back it down and it really helped my time. 

I did take sport beans and ate the bag along the way. Perfect energy snack from JellyBelly.

Today the cool temperature, the drop in humidity, friendly runners, and shady trail helped to make my first half a great memory.

This is a really bright orange.

My medal (smiles)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trail Run

I decided to go to the park and trail run this morning. Skimming my training calendar revealed all my July runs were street or treadmill runs. No wonder my knees felt crabby after my last run! I usually mix it up better than that. 

The tree cover on the trails is pleasant and keeps me from getting up at the crack of dawn. The hilly trails force me to follow my training guides "easy pace" "no target" directions.  

I took easy pace to a whole new level this morning. 9.75 miles with an average pace of 11:40. It took an hour and 54 minutes. Miles and time were really odd stopping points for me today but my willpower was ebbing.
The park in Dec. 

My fastest mile 10:23 and my slowest 12:51 lol That's almost like dawdling! I actually knew I was running this slow and was telling myself to put a little zest in my step, but I swear someone slipped lead weights in place of my insoles today. I never really felt overly thirsty or even over heated; I just couldn't find any energy in reserve. I had been feeling under the weather this week and took three rest days so I was anticipating feeling totally energetic. Ha! I try to finish my runs on a strong pace, but that little pick me up didn't happen today. Accomplishing something and feeling it was just a lackadaisical effort makes me want to go back and do it again! 

This is my longest distance to date and yes it would have been nice to just round it out at ten miles, but by 9.6 miles I was running by my car and the water was inside! I had a hard time going by a few times just to get to 9.75 miles. I just couldn't make myself run the parking lot to get to ten. Sitting on sofa now that seems silly, but at the time I was just ready to stop and stretch! 

Maybe next time I'll make it to ten-the pesky training guide says I am supposed to do it again next week. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Moving Forward

Some days I feel like a hero running, and sometimes I struggle. So I can really appreciate the good days!
I have been running early Saturday or Sunday morning runs for several weeks now. I have been working my way up. First 5 miles, then, 6, then 7, then two weeks at 8 and May 4th will be a milestone for me, a 15K - 9.3 miles.  The race will be the first time I have ever run that far. A little twinge of worry pops up but I keep telling myself I am going to squash that. Usually the second time I tackle a distance I feel better about it, but I love races so I am going to just go, enjoy the run, and not worry about time.

The jump from 6 miles to 8 was easier than I expected. I had to work hard over the past few months to condition myself to get to 6. I had some bumps in the road trying to get there.  I had a handful of 5 or 6 mile runs I felt so exhausted from I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get there. My first 7 mile run on pavement my knees were so bad it took days before I could do anything. I knew I needed to change my surfaces after that and try to keep on. All kinds of hurdles: numbing feet, ice cold temps (before I figured out proper dress), headphones not working, too much sun, too late in the day, sore knees, have all led to solutions. The 5 and 6 mile runs are really what built strength and enabled me to enjoy the longer runs.

I always run with a visor, I’ve had skin cancer removed from my face and I feel better having a cover. The bonus is the sweat isn’t rolling in my eyes! So my really early morning runs (6:30ish), I still wear a headband, because I am spoiled now, who wants sweat rolling in their eyes.

My last two Saturday mornings it has been pretty cool outside mid 60’s and I have finished before 9:00 a.m. Such an enjoyable experience! The streets are quiet, the sun isn’t strong, and it just feels good to get up and go. I do more feel more energetic in the morning. I’ve had to work out for years after work, so you’d think my body would be use to it, but you can’t beat an early morning run!

Changing my surfaces for training has really helped me. A few times a week running on pavement and my knees were starting to ache more. Trying to stick to once a week for my long run on pavement and running on trails helped me a lot. Also, one short run on the treadmill each week has built endurance. I think a treadmill is harder than trails and pavement. It’s a different motion, so it has helped me to build strength in my legs. I had to start out trying to run 15 min. at a time and that felt like a victory. I have decided 30 strong minutes on the treadmill is good. I just can’t self talk myself into anything longer right now.
On one of my favorite trails

On trails I am always a little slower, but I feel I use my muscles a little differently and the trails have some hills.  I tend to avoid hilly runs on pavement, but I welcome the challenge on the trails. I am not as focused on pace as I am just accomplishing a distance.

I also realized I need a schedule that has enough recovery time. It's a challenge trying to get enough work outs in each week, but as I am more capable of longer distances, I find it easier to rest.

I do worry about the summer months; I do not like heat at all! I hope I can keep up with at least one long distance early morning run. I may have to use the treadmill more, but as always I will keep trying to find ways to adapt to keep moving forward.
I avoid these areas